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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Information on violent attacks of MNDAA insurgents at Laukkai released

Photo shows damaged parts of building in insurgent attacks in Laukkai.

Damaged equipment scattered in building.

Damaged parts seen in building.

Dead bodies seen on the road.

Nay Pyi Taw March 14

Insurgents of Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Army- MNDAA led by Pheung Kya-shin and Pheung Tar-shwin after making reinforcements with the cash they received from illegal businesses and drug trafficking in northeast Shan State attacked Laukkai in 2009 and from 9 February to 18 April in 2015, Mongkoe region from 20 November to 5 December 2016, Point 2145 in early January 2017, and Laukkai Town on 6 March 2017. And with the intention of harming and infl icting losses on the self-administered zone government, the MNDAA was launching heavy weapon and small arm attacks against Tatmadaw outposts, police outposts and public buildings in Laukkai and arson attacks and committing robberies, kidnappings and forced recruitments in the early morning on 6 March 2017. Hence, the Tatmadaw columns hit them back for area clearance.

About 300 MNDAA insurgents during the time from 1.45 am to about 3 am on 6 March spread out and launched synchronized attacks against Tatmadaw and police outposts in Yanlonkyaing, Kokang Traffice Police Office in Laukkai, house of U Wai Hsan, member of the Kokang Self-Administered Zone leading body, and Tatmadaw outposts serving security duties near border posts. About 50 insurgents divided themselves into three- or four-member groups entered Laukkai and committed violent attacks including the torching of Fulilike Hotel, Kyinphu Hotel and Kyinkyan Hotel, the kidnapping and robbing of innocent people and the torching of about 20 public-owned cars in front of Paisein Hotel.

With regard to the incident of violent attack at Fulilike Hotel, about 45 members of MNDAA insurgents arrived at the hotel at about 3 am and seized keys of vehicles being hung at the security room at the entrance of the hotel compound. The insurgents robbed about 300 million yuans from the hotel and took 120 male staff and 200 female staff, totaling 320 as hostages with the use of vehicles which were stationary in front of the hotel. In taking hostages, a staff (under scrutiny for name) who refused to go along with MNDAA insurgents was shot dead and a female staff (under scrutiny for name) was raped by MNDAA insurgents. Then, they were taken along the jungle lane. On arrival at a hill where they took a break, as MNDAA insurgents asked whether the arrested women wish to join them or not, four of arrestees agreed it. However, the insurgents selected 50 women to discharge duties at their troops except those women from other country. A total of 10 staff members from other country out of 120 arrestee male staff were released, and 110 remaining male staff and about 150 women were taken to Namsang by cars. According to the more related information, those arrestees will be ordered to attend the insurgent courses by sending them from Namsang to Hon-aing region estimated map reference (MG-864630) in Kongyan Township where MNDAA insurgents activate their movements. 

The terrorist acts of MNDAA insurgents in Laukkai region caused damage and loss at many public buildings and left many innocent civilian ethnic people injured. A total of 320 innocent civilian ethnic people were held hostages as recruitment for them. Five innocent civilian ethnic people and five Kokang traffic police died, and four members of Kokang traffic police were taken hostages.

From March 6 to 12, the Tatmadaw columns conducted continued clearance operations in order to prevent renewed insurgents attacks and restore peace and stability to the region. There were 48 small and big clashes between the Tatmadaw and the MNDAA insurgents. Some officers and other ranks of the Tatmadaw had to sacrifice their lives and were injured for the country. Until now, the MNDAA is carrying  out defensive attacks at Point-1088, Point-1269, BP-126 and BP-127 near the border line by taking advantage of the hills and ground conditions. Since then, the Tatmadaw columns have been conducting the clearance operations there to restore peace to the region as quickly as possible.

The MNDAA has intentionally committed the destructive acts such as attacks on military camps and civilian targets, ambush and setting fire to the public buildings far and wide in Laukkai at a time when the entire people are longing for internal peace. The region sees renewed bouts of fighting, resulting in a halt to the regular operation of businesses and damaging to the people’s property and interest. Locals are worried about the stability of border region and do not want the situation that may lead to the deterioration of relations between the two countries caused by the unstable conditions. In addition, they want the soonest restoration of stability to the region and the control of illegal administrative routes of the insurgents through cooperation between the two countries.

The Myawady Daily

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