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Friday, February 26, 2016

Ywangan township: a cold hill town to visit in Myanmar in summer season

< Aung Myint Myat >

Although it is not the time of the summer season at present, the temperature is increasing day by day. If the weather is becoming hot, everybody may have the idea to rest in a cold hill town. 

When we say about the hill town, most of the people usually see Pyin Oo Lwin and Kalaw towns in their mind's eye. For this time, I want to advise you to go to a hill town which is located in the southern part of Shan state and recently becomes a popular tourist destination in Myanmar. The name of the town is Ywangan.

Ywangan township is situated on Mandalay-Taunggyi road and travellers can go toYwangan township by bus from Mandalay or Taunggyi. If you go to Ywangan township, you are welcomed by beautiful mountain ranges when you turn to Kyaukse Han Myint Moe. Also, we can see agricultural plantations along the road to Ywangan.

Road to Ywangan is built on mountain valleys and it is very fascinating to drive a car on the road to Ywangan. Also, you need skilled drivers for the safety of passengers when you go to Ywangan. In addition, some places on the road to Ywangan are very narrow and steep, and, as a result, big automobile vehicles like commercial truck do not pass through this way. However, you may feel happy and pleasant on the way before you reach to Ywangan as there are a lot of scenic views along the road.

When you are in Ywangan, you can ask for travel information at the administrator's office. There are a lot of places to visit in Ywangan and nearby places, but most of the people don't know where they should go in Ywangan. If necessary, you can hire a travel guide and can go to any place where you want to. However, you will have to pay from Ks-5,000 to Ks-10,000 per day to hire a guide. There are one hotel and three guest houses in Ywangan. The design of the hotel is like a bungalow with triple rooms. You have to pay Ks-30,000 per room for a day in the hotel. 

However, the price of the guest house is reasonable (Ks-5,000 per person).

Moreover, if you are in Ywangan, you should go to Myathabeik blue water lake which is about 20 miles from Ywangan. The water of the lake is blue and an alms bowl is placed under the lake to donate the next Buddha according to the legend.

Travellers are not allowed to swim in the lake and they can swim in the streams near the Myathabeik blue water lake. You will feel fresh after you have a bath in the crystal clear water of the streams.

Also, you can study mural paintings at Pyadarlin cave which is not far from Ywangan. In addition, you can visit magnificent waterfalls at nearby places of Ywangan. There are also ancient stone caves near Ywangan.

The bus fare from Mandalay to Ywangan is from Ks-3,000 to Ks-5,000. Ywangan is a selfadministered zone and most of the local residents are Danu. The most prominent features of Danu are their smile and hospitality when guests will face in the hilly region. If you need help in Ywangan and nearby places, you can ask for help from locals. They will give a hand to you with a benevolent smile.

All in all, I would like to advise you to go to Ywangan in your summer holidays so as to refresh your mind again.

The Myawady Daily

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