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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Foreigner arrivals reach high in Nat Ma Taung

Yangon January 13

The entry rate of foreigners to Nat Ma Taung National Park (also known as Mount Victoria and Khaw-nu-soum or Khonuamthung in Chin), located in Kanpalet Township, Mindat District, Chin State, reached high during this travel season.

"Although the arrival rate of local and foreign travellers to Nat Ma Taung National Park is just over 100 in 2012, the influx of globetrotters to there has hit up to 540 till November, 2015 in this travel season and the park earned six million kyat and $ 430 in entrance fees," said a tour guide.

Foreigners usually come to Nat Ma Taung National Park to watch birds, to trek, and to study regional culture. Among them, most of the foreigners come to the hill for bird watching and the entrance fee for foreigners is $ 10 per head, which are used for conservation Nat Ma Taung National Park.

With a height of 3,053 metres (10,016 ft) above sea level and a prominence of 2,231 metres (7,320 ft), Nat Ma Taung is one of the ultra-prominent peaks of Southeast Asia.

Nat Ma Taung was designated as National Park in 2010 and, from that time on, the arrival of local and foreign travellers to the mountain is higher and higher year by year.

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