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Monday, August 13, 2018

True information released on death of two KIA troops residing at KBC Camp and RC Camp in Mongkhaung Village of Mansi Township, Kachin State

Ammunition and related equipment seized from dead persons.

Ammunition and related equipment seized from dead persons.

Nay Pyi Taw August 13

1. Two dead bodies with KIA badges were seized at a farming hut near old Khappara Village of Mongkhaung Village-tract in Mansi Township, Kachin State, at noon on 31 January 2018 when a skirmish happened between a military column discharging local security duty and a KIA group. The military column systematically buried the two dead bodies of KIA troops near the place of battle.

2. With regard to the event,Daw Kawt Aung residing in Mongkhaung Village on 5 February 2018 opened a file at Mansi Myoma police station that U Phaw Kant Yaw residing at KBC Camp and U Daw Jel Naw Hsan at RC Camp did not arrive back the camps from their ways from the camps to old Khappara Village to tend buffalos at noon on 30 January 2018. Mansi Myoma police station opened the case No 1/2018 on persons in missing for investigating. Kachin State government on 23 February informed Mansi Township General Administration Department about scrutinizing the missing of U Phaw Kant Yaw and U Daw Jel Naw Hsan near Khappara Village of Mongkhaung Village-tract in Mansi Township, Bhamo District,and the township GAD formed an investigation group.

3. Due to information that Mongkhaung villagers found two dead bodies near Khappara Village,17 miles southwest of Mansi Township,on 9 March 2018, a 12-member team comprising the head of Myoma police station of Mansi Township,the township medical officer, the medical superintendent of Mansi Township Hospital, the deputy staff officer of Township General Administration Department, the township judge and the chairman of Township Development Affairs Committee excavated and examined the dead bodies from the ground pit in cooperation with the Mongkhaung Village administrator and officials that evening.

4. According to the findings from the investigation of the combined inspection team, the clothes worn at the dead bodies were long sleeve military green shirts with KIA badges. It was found that U Daw Jel Naw Hsan was dead with fractures of his skull due to a violently explosive weapon. An injury of bullet was found at the left cheek of U Phaw Kant Yaw and he was dead due to the injury of blast at the occiput.No injury caused by other weapons was found. Police procedures were completely conducted at the event on inspection taking documentary photos, sending the forensic report,taking the report on excavation of dead bodies from the township medical officer, and keeping military green shirts and short pants worn at the dead bodies as evidences. Moreover,the clothes of dead bodies were sent to the Chemical Examination Department in Yangon and to the office of the Commander of Criminal Investigation Department in Nay Pyi Taw to examine whether human blood and element of gunpowder were found on the clothes.

5. Mansi Myoma police station opened the file to examine the plaintiff and 20 witnesses in real time. The Chemical Examination Department from Yangon replied that human blood was found on the clothes but element of gunpowder.According to the firm evidences of experts, those who died wore KIA uniforms in the battle and they were in those uniforms in death due to bullet wound. As element of gunpowder was not found on the uniform, they were not shot by gun in close and they died of bullet from small arm in exchange of fire. During the battle, one M-22 magazine and its 100 rounds of ammunition, one antenna of walkietalkie,one TNT block weighing 400 grams and one mobile phone were seized from the hut where two KIA troops were found. Hence, as it was distinct that two dead persons died of bullet wounds in the battle, the Myanmar Police Force continued its procedures to close the case as mistaken.

6. On 29 March 2018, a local tactical operations commander of the Tatmadaw went to the Mansi Township General Administration Department. He met with relevant officials and families of the two dead persons and explained deaths of U Phaw Kant Yaw and U Daw Jel Naw Hsan from KIA armed group, residing at the camps for displaced persons in Mongkhaung Village and seizures of ammunition and related equipment from them in detail. The place where the skirmish occurred is a damaged Khappara Village where no one resides. As it is a place where KIA armed group planted mines to attack and ambushed Tatmadaw columns, it is restricted area for travelling of civilians in the security measures.

7. In order to have the firm investigation related to the two KIA troops who died in the battle,an inspection team led by the Assistant Defence Services Inspector-General of the Tatmadaw made further investigation in Mongkhaung Village and Mansi Township in the second week of July this year.During six days, the Tatmadaw investigation team systematically got handwriting and recording testimonies of 39 witnesses including Mongkhaung village administrator and 100-household leaders, in-charges from KBC camp and RC camp, relatives of the deceased, villagers, the township administrative body, members of the township investigation team and servicemen, and then approved the signatures on testimonies, in accord with the Tatmadaw Act and bylaws. Then, there are additional fabricated news that the Tatmadaw investigation team threatened witnesses to testify, asked leading questions and forced them to put their finger prints and signatures on the blank papers in order to change testimonies of witnesses. The Tatmadaw investigation team carried out the examination of witnesses at the Mansi Township administrator office transparently. During the examination, the investigation team recorded affidavits, questions and answers. In addition, illiterate witnesses put their signatures and finger prints on the papers on which their affidavits were written according to the recording while literate witnesses put their signatures and finger prints on handwritten papers.According to the procedures of the Investigation Court, the investigation team has to compile one copy of original handwriting paper and four copies of computer-typed papers. The investigation team completed one copy of original handwriting during the court trial,reading it in front of witnesses and getting their finger prints on the paper. Putting signatures and finger prints on the blank papers is intended for four copies of case files. It is found that these four copies of case file are identical to the original handwriting case file and recorded testimonies. In addition, the investigation team explained its findings to officials and relatives of the deceased.

8. According to testimonies and findings by the Tatmadaw investigation team, it is clearly found that:-
(a) This is the region where the KIA group attacked a helicopter used by the Tatmadaw for its logistics on November 27, 2017. While carrying out area clearance operations there from November 13, 2017 to January 3, 2018,the military columns seized 18 small camps and four big camps where the KIA smuggled natural resources. Afterwards, the military columns continued area clearing operations in Naunghu-Kaikhteik and Palaungdeinsar-Lwalkyauktaung region including Khappara Village. The Tatmadaw carried out military operations there in order to bar it from smuggling natural resources.

(b) Two victims died in the fight. They wore KIA uniforms when they were found dead.There may not be any civilians as it is a military operation area.

(c) No injuries were found on their bodies apart from bullet wounds.

(d) According to the testimonies of in-charges from KBC camp and RC camp, both took out goods and rations from the Internally Displaced Persons(IDP) camps when the camps were distributing rations and relief assistance. They were residents from ward-2 in Mansi Township. In-charges said they cannot guarantee whether the deceased were KIA members or not.

(e) Daw Kawt Aung who opened this case fled to the border area while the investigation teams from the Office of Defence Services Inspector-General went to Mansi and Mongkhaung village to investigate it. According to the investigation,she opened the case as a broker at that time.

(f) According to the findings by the township investigation team after the exhumation of the bodies of two victims, the report of chemical examination department and additional investigations by the Tatmadaw investigation team, the complaints were filed without any sound evidence. Myanmar Police Force is working to close the case as an erroneous complaint.

(g) It is also found that relevant military column has already reported the fighting to upper-level bodies officially. 

9. U Phaw Kant Yaw and U Daw Jel Naw Hsan, killed in an exchange fighting due to small-arm injuries near a hut near old Khappara Village in Mongkhaung Village-tract, are only KIA members. The military column carried out it in accordance with (ROE-Rules of Engagement).

Tatmadaw True News Information Team


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