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Friday, January 27, 2017

Vice-Senior General Soe Win meets officers, other ranks, families, departmental personnel, townselders and local residents in Coco Island Town

Vice-Senior General Soe Win meets officers, other ranks and families in Coco Island Station.

Nay Pyi Taw January 27

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in- Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win, accompanied by senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief and officials, arrived in Coco Island Town on 25 January morning. They were welcomed at the airport by senior military officers from Tatmadaw (Navy), the township administrator and departmental officials.

At the briefing hall of the Coco Island Naval Base, the Vice-Senior General heard reports presented by the base commander on implementation of the missions, carrying out of breeding tasks including layers and DYL pigs, growing of quality strains of coconut plants, cultivation of coconut plants in monsoon on a manageable scale, cooperation with residents to cultivate coconut plants and produce coconut products, and cooperation with the township administrative body for cultivation and sufficient supply of water for regional development.

After hearing the reports, the Vice-Senior General gave necessary instructions.

Then, the Vice-Senior General and party inspected progress in construction of the Coco Island jetty where officials conducted them around the jetty. Next, the Vice-Senior General inspected the site earmarked for construction of the earthen road from Coco Island circular road to the Kywet Island after viewing round the island circular road by car.

In the afternoon, the Vice-Senior General met with departmental personnel, townselders and residents at the township hall. He explained the importance of Coco Island region for the security of the State as it is located on the strategic area for maritime infl uence, fulfillments of the government and the Tatmadaw for development of Coco Island Town, progress of Coco Island Town, smooth transport for government service personnel who are discharging duty on the island and local residents by airplane and vessel from the Tatmadaw, breeding of layers by local naval region command headquarters and sale of eggs at fair prices for welfare of local people, and cooperation of the Tatmadaw with the government for ensuring eternal peace.

Then, the township administrator reported on situations of the region. After hearing the reports by departmental officials, the Vice-Senior General coordinated necessary matters.

Next, the Vice-Senior General presented foodstuffs for departmental personnel to the township administrator while senior military officers gave foodstuffs for departmental staff, townselders and local residents to officials.

Vice-Senior General Soe Win inspects progress of jetty in Coco Island Town.

Vice-Senior General Soe Win gives gift to patient at Coco Island Township People’s Hospital.

After the meeting, the Vice- Senior General cordially greeted departmental personnel, townselders and local residents who attended the ceremony.

Afterwards, the Vice-Senior General and party proceeded to the Coco Island Township People’s Hospital and visited there. After coordinating the necessary matters, the Vice-Senior General cordially comforted the patients and presented gifts to them.

The Vice-Senior General met with officers, other ranks and families of Coco Island Station at the station hall.

In his address, he said Coco Island is the southernmost door of the country which is a strategic place for naval advantage. So service members discharging duties at the island should take pride of themselves. The vitality of islands has become more and more significant nowadays. Possession of islands, marine resources and naval power is much beneficial to the country. All must protect the territorial waters and marine resources. Hence, constant training is required. He then explained the Tatmadaw’s national political role in the interest of the country and its cooperation with the government for achieving eternal peace.

He also explained adoption and implementation of farming policies for easing food, clothing and shelter needs of officers, other ranks and families, efforts being made for providing modern-age uniforms and dresses of international level in connection with clothing needs, building of adequate number of  quarters and administrative buildings in accord with the policies in connection with accommodation needs, military-command-wise provision of housing estates for war veterans under priority based for easing accommodation needs of retired service men and women, constant fulfillment for the education promotion of families, support for outstanding children of the families, education promotion of Tatmadaw members which is essential for Tatmadaw modernization.

Next, the Vice-Senior General urged them to know and perform their duties and focus on having good dealings with the publicand render necessary assistance to the local people in order that the Tatmadaw and the people are in oneness as the motto says war can be won only through public participation.

After the meeting, the Vice-Senior General presented foodstuffs to the officers, other ranks and their families of the station and seniormilitary officers, foodstuffs and gifts. Next, the Vice-Senior General cordially greeted those present.

The Vice-Senior General and party then viewed production processes of home decoration materials and household goods made from coconut  products by the Tatmadaw families and pure coconut oil at the coconut oil factory. They were conducted round there by officials.

At the farm of the naval base, the Vice-Senior General and party inspected the breeding of layers, DYL pigs and dairy cows and the cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses. Officials conducted them round the farm. Later, the Vice-Senior General fulfilled the needs.

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