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Friday, January 6, 2017

Information related to armed terrorists caught in Buthidaung Township exposed

Photo shows two arrested persons who have already completed 
the armed terrorism course.

Nay Pyi Taw January 6

An instructor of the armed terrorism course to heighten terrorist attacks in Rakhine State and four persons who have completed the course were arrested together with arms at Maunggyitaung Village in Buthidaung Township yesterday. They are under legal detention and investigation to get more information related to terrorists.

According to their confession, a two-week armed terrorism course was conducted with the participation of about 30 Bengalis from Maunggyitaung and Dahpaingsaya villages and surrounding villages on a hill west of DahpaingsayaVillage in Buthidaung Township in July 2016. Two persons from the other country gave terrorism courses. Mawlawi Abdul Razak, whose father is still under investigation, of Paletaung Village in ChinthamaVillage-tract and two foreigners conducted gunfiring and basic martial arts (Thaing) trainings. Other similar armed terrorism courses were conducted for Bengalis—about 15 Bengalis in the field at the foot of the mountain near Gawduthara Village, Maungtaw Township and about 10 Bengalis in the valley of Maunggyitaung Village in June 2016; about 10 Bengalis in east Gawduthara Village and five Bengalis in the garden of Hsunali, son of Abuka Hsein in Dahpaingsaya Village in July; and about fi ve Bengalis in the garden of Mahmad Shah, son of Eibra Hein in Hsinohpyin Village in November.

During training, two persons from the other country and trainee Hsadat, son of Matamein from Maunggyitaung Village, were planning to make guns. The two foreigners made calculations necessary for making guns while co-trainees Hsadat, son of Matamein, and Mahmauk Rawshi, son of Mahmauk Kahsein, went to Hsanthit industry in Ward No (2) of Buthidaung Township to buy required accessories. Hsadat, Kumuru and the two foreigners assembled the locally-made guns. In June 2016, Mamauk, son of the farther under scrutiny and Zawtula Yusuf, son of the father under scrutiny, who are villagers of Maunggyitaung Village, sent about 16 locally-made guns to Mahmad Kaya, son of ArmiRauti from Maunggyitaung Village through Kyeinchaung-Guppi Hill crossing route by passing the border area (under scrutiny) from Kutupalong Refugee Camp of the other country. And, the two villagers urged him to organize youths from Maunggyitaung Village and nearby villages; about 100 terrorist insurgents from other country along with arms would arrive there around 20 January 2017; if those persons arrived there, Mahmad Kaya, Mahmad Shah and Lahlu would have to take responsibility for food, clothing and shelter for them; and all the men with arms would raid and attack military units and posts in Buthidaung. Mahmad Shah, son of Eibra Hein, in-charge of Maunggyitaung Village, is monetary supporter for the group. According to the investigations, in-charge of Maunggyitaung Village Mahmad Shah, and his father Eibra Hein son of Edu Res, were arrested as they were found to be trainees who had completed armed terrorism course. They are under investigation, and further investigation is being conducted for arresting the remaining suspects related to the case.

The Myawady Daily

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