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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Elephant camp opened near Pyay Township

Visitors preparing to take an elephant ride.

Yangon December 6

An elephant camp, which is five miles from Pyay Township on the Pyay-Yangon motor road in Bago Region, was opened on 4 December for public recreation.

Former logging elephants from the Myanma Timber Industry are the main actors of the newly opened camp as these huge mammals will do tricks and demonstrations as public entertainment programs. Moreover, they will offer visitors an amazing jungle ride in the nearby areas.

“As we are going to stop timber logging in Bago Mountain Range for ten years these elephants will be assigned to the light duty of entertaining the visitors. So, they will not be idle during the suspended period while the income will be used in protecting, feeding and caring them and in running the camp. Therefore, we have implemented the elephant camp here,” said U Min Aung Naing, manager from Pyi Thit Timber Production.

Another point is that most of the mahouts are not familiar with the civil societies as they spend most of their life in the forest together with their huge working partners. The move aims to upgrade the lives of mahouts while transforming them into trainers and caretakers of their elephants with kindness.

“We get an additional place to visit. Also, we can closely study the lives of the elephants. The elephant camp is beside the river where we can visit easily,” said a local in Pyay Township.

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