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Monday, November 21, 2016

Workshop on understanding dynamics of Ayeyawady River

Yangon November 21

A workshop on understanding of Myanmar national basin and dynamics of the Ayeyawady River was held at Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel on Saturday in Mandalay.

The workshop was attended by Mandalay Region Chief Minister Dr Zaw Myint Maung and concerned personnel, lawmakers, experts from the Netherlands, personnel of Myanmar Environmental Science, social society organizations and environmental conservation groups.

“We have to address the concerns and daily problems which villagers relying on the ecosystem of the Ayeyawady River are facing, as well as conserve natural resources as a national duty. 

Therefore, we have carried out community-centred strategic environmental assessment to inform these things to scholars, organizations and policymakers across the country,” said professor U Maung Maung Aye.

He called for forming Ayeyawady Basin Authority with experts to conduct scientific researches as soon as possible.

Among the topics of the workshops are informing the public about dynamics of the Ayeyawady River, collaborative conservation of the river for its sustainable development and upgrading of water transport services along the river.

The Ayeyawady River is the lifeblood of Myanmar. It is 1,348 miles long and there are 215 towns and 19,000 villages with a population of 37.2 million along the river which flows through up to 60 percent of the country.

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