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Monday, May 16, 2016

Yaybyantaung Waterfall attracts interest of visitors in PyinOoLwin Township

PyinOoLwin May 16

The Yaybyantaung natural waterfall which is more beautiful than famous Dattawchaing, Pwegauk and Peikchinmyaung waterfalls has emerged in PyinOoLwin Township for attracting the interest of both local and foreign visitors.

The Yaybyantaung natural waterfall is located five miles from the National Kandawgyi Gardens, near Hsingaunglay, Shwemyinthar, Peinnegon and Shwethin villages. In the past, the villages were inaccessible to the waterfall in the rainy season.

The waterfall is formed with eight large waterfalls and small ones. Each waterfall is located in 100-200 feet distance and each level is 30-50 feet high.

Timber was extracted from the thick forests near the waterfall in the past. So the region faces deforestation. Actually, the total deforestation will cause extinction of natural springs as well as waterfall.

As such, local authorities, departmental officials and social organizations designated the 1,600 acres of land where the waterfall is located as the natural area. They are now trying to thrive trees for the forests.

The local authorities will not allow any shops, vendors and living of humans near the natural waterfall.

In the near future, people can take relaxation at the beautifully natural waterfall along the road thanks to concerted efforts of departmental officials.

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