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Monday, May 16, 2016

Mango trucks not need to queue on Mandalay-Muse road

Yangon May 16

To be free from the loss of mangoes due to the long-time traffic congestion, Shan State Transportation Minister has directed the responsible persons on the road section of Mandalay-Muse to allow mango trucks to pass through as priority.

Since April 4, Muse Fruit Wholesale Market has presented the Transportation Minister to allow the mango trucks to pass through the gates as priority because the fruits usually go off on the truck when they have to queue for a long time.

Moreover, the traders reported about rotten mangoes to the Shan State Chief Minister at the meeting which was held in Muse Fruit Wholesale Market on May 8.

“Vehicles are allowed to pass through within the time frame in Kutkai and Goattwin. They have to wait at those places. Previously, crab and prawn trucks got the green light to pass through at those places without queuing. At present, mango trucks can go along the road section of Mandalay-Muse as a priority,” said U Tun Linn Soe, secretary of the Muse-Mandalay Merchants Association.

“If mango trucks have to wait for a long time on the road, the fruits become decayed and don’t fetch good price at the market,” said a mango businessman, adding that they have to take extra care on mangoes this year as day temperature is higher than previous years.

Furthermore, mango farmers faced losses as heavy rainfall and hailstorm hit the mango plantations in Mandalay in April and early May, and mangoes became low in quality and were destroyed by the rain.

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