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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

No climbing on top Bagan pagodas, please

This photo shows Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan.

Nyaung Oo February 23

Following the spread of a video clip and photos of a staff of a certain medicine company performing indecent dances and songs at Pyathatgyi Temple in Bagan on the social media, Ministry of Culture said it considered declaring all flat-tops of religious buildings of the archaeological zone visitorfree areas.

Two days after the spread of the video clip and photos showing the group performing offensive acts to the accompaniment of amplified songs and music on the online media on 17 of this month, the ministry announced its plan to ban visitors from climbing onto all religious buildings especially those with the flat-top roofs.

Previously, the ministry permitted the use of five religious edifices as scenery observation points of the archaeological zone depending on their degree of durability. But such indecent actions have prompted it to announce the ban on climbing onto the top of all pagodas and temples in Bagan.

Currently, Bagan pagodas under the gleaming setting or rising sun are a not-to-be-missed view for all visitors, especially for foreign tourists.

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