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Monday, July 10, 2017

Security troops attacked by armed terrorists,arrest two bodies of armed terrorists,one terrorist alive and one interrupter

Photo shows seized weapons from the terrorists.

Photo shows an activated remote mine seized from the terrorists.

Nay Pyi Taw July 10

As terrorists opened fire and attacked mines at security troops on their patrol in Tinmay Village of Buthidaung Township, Rakhine State, the security troops performed counter-attacks at the terrorists,arresting two bodies and one alive of terrorists and one interrupter.

On their patrol in Tinmay Village and environs in Buthidaung Township this morning, the security troops faced about 20 bullet-fires in series of small arms from the house of Phweyawt Islam in Tinmay Village at about 11 am. The security troops performed counter-fire with the use of small arms by blocking the area. Then, the terrorists from the house exploded a mine for more attack to the troops. In combing the house, the security troops opened fire at three armed terrorists running from the house and arrested them.

In the incident, two bodies of terrorists were captured and terrorist Phweyawt Islam and Zarbre who interrupted security troops were arrested. In continuing clearance operations at the house, the security troops seized one burnt BA-94 and its two magazines, six empty bullets, one local-made gun, one activated remote mine, one four inches diameter and eight inches long car piston prepared to make the local mine, one five inches diameter and eight inches one-end closed car piston, eight detonators, one Bangladesh Taka 1,000 currency note, five 10 Taka currency notes ,seven 20 Taka currency notes,one Symphony phone, four burnt walkie-talkies, one charger, wire,three useless batteries, four dried cells, six swords, four knives and one large knife from the belt purse of the body. The seized BA-94 was taken from the incident of Kyeekanbyin terrorist attack which occurred on 9 October 2016. Among 65 arms taken by terrorists, 27 arms have been retaken so far, and there remained 38 arms in hands of terrorists. With the assistance of villagers, the security troops scrutinized the dead bodies of terrorists and knew that they were strangers.

According to the confessions of the arrested terrorists, the combined team comprising Tatmadaw and border guard police continue the area clearance operations at Tinmay Village and its environs.


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