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Monday, December 5, 2016

Migratory birds start to arrive in Moeyungyi Sanctuary

Yangon December 5

Migratory birds have started to arrive in Moeyungyi Lake in Bago Region and around 20,000 migratory birds hibernate in Moeyungyi Sanctuary annually, according to an official of the sanctuary.

The shallow-water conservation area attracts around 100 visitors daily on weekdays and around 600 visitors at the weekend. The entrance fee is Ks-1,000 for a foreigner and Ks-500 for Myanmar citizen.

Migratory birds usually arrive in December and January in the sanctuary which is home to 90 indigenous species of birds including moorhen, swam as well as 65 species  of migratory species, totalling 155 species.

Moeyungyi Lake was established as sanctuary to conserve the habitats of migratory birds and indigenous species and develop eco-tourism and as a recreation centre for local and foreign visitors.

The lake is a man-made and it lies between Bago and DaikU townships.It was built in 1904 and covers around 40 square miles. Migratory birds usually migrate to shallow areas in the country including Moeyungyi Sanctuary in Bago, Inle Lake Sanctuary and Paleik Lake in Mandalay.

The number of migratory birds that come to Moeyungyi Lake for hibernation has declined over the past few years because of hunting, said Myanmar Birds and Nature Conservation.

“Hunters catch migratory birds with the use of pesticides. We will hold talk to raise awareness about it, and will issue notice that hunting them is punishable under the law. We hope these measures will help protecting migratory birds,” said Dr Thein Aung, chairman of the association.

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