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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Weaving industry in Bago in need of government subsidies

Photo shows a woman weaving cloth from the cotton at the loom.

Yangon November 16

Myanmar’s weaving industry needs small and medium enterprise (SME) loans for its development, according to weavers from the model village of Kyar Tet in Bago’s Kawa Township.

The village boasts the largest population of weavers in Bago Region with around 200 looms compared to its 600 households.

“Almost everyone can weave in our village. Previously, I used to weave at my house with my own loom. But as I have no capital now, I have to work at other people’s looms. I think the weaving industry is in need of subsidies for development,” said weaver Ma Mya Pan Kyi.

A loom costs around Ks-700,000, according to villagers. While some households have up to ten looms, some villagers have to work at those looms. And weavers in Kyar Tet Village are  concerned that the industrial development in Bago Region will have adverse impact on the weaving industry and face the same fate like Kyauktan which once had a thriving weaving industry.

“Previously, weaving business was most thriving in Kyauktan. But now, there have been many factories [in Bago], and they provide ferry service. So, many people have quitted the weaving industry, resulting in its decline. So, we hope we can get loans for its revival in our village,” she said.

The village mainly produces design patterns of Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Rawang and so on. And the products are mainly distributed to Theingyi Market and Kawa Township, are priced between Ks-4,000 and Ks-6,000. 

“The business is not bad as Myanmar traditional dresses are popular these days. But if we get loans, we will be able to expand the business and those who have to work at other people’s looms may also be able to set up their own business,” she said.

The Myawady Daily

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