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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Moving National Library (Yangon) to downtown Yangon gaining momentum

The building will be used as home for NationalLibrary (Yangon).
Yangon November 20

A plan is being implemented to move the National Library (Yangon) to the downtown Yangon where the people will have easy access to reading, said an official of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture on 18 November.

The National Library (Yangon), the prestige of the nation, will be moved to No 608 on Merchant Street in Kyauktada Township, Yangon. At present, the building for the library is being renovated while the layout plan for the library is being prepared.

The building has been handed over by Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development under the Ministry of Construction to the Historical Research and National Library Department on 31 October this year.

The library will provide facilities for readers to search books and information through modern technologies. Moreover, the library will facilitate for child library, proficiency courses, library development activities, doing researches, literary discussions and meetings.

In addition, the building will comprise meeting halls, offices, training halls, research pools, office of Myanmar Librarian Association and office of the Myanmar Historical Commission according to the master plan.

With the aim of contributing  to inspection to the maintenance of the library, a basic course for maintenance of Yangon urban heritages will be conducted at the new venue of the library from 14 to 17 December this year, with the assistance of the Australian Embassy.

The Department of Historical  Research and National Library cooperates with Myanmar Librarian Association, Yangon Urban Heritage Trust, Myanmar Architects Association and Myanmar Engineering Society to move the library to the new place.

The Ministry demands necessary fund for the library maintenance from the government in the 2017-18 fiscal year while partner countries such as France and Italy committed to fund the plan.

The President of Myanmar has given guidance to emerge a library as soon as possible for bringing honour to the nation. If necessary the special fund of the president will allocate the budget to the work process.

Yadanarpon Daily

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