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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Agriculture Dept. links frequent food poisoning to incorrect use of pesticides

A female worker plucks eggplants.

Mandalay November 16

Food poisoning occurs frequently due to chemical remnants caused by incorrect use of pesticides in growing crops, according to the crops protection section of Mandalay Region Agriculture Department.

In the past, growers used conventional methods. As advertisements on pesticides now spread to rural areas, farmers use them extensively but incorrectly and unsystematically.

Most of imported pesticides come from China and local farmers have little knowledge about the use of it. The department has already directed to distribute pesticides together with manuals written in Myanmar language of how to use them correctly. Still, some are not able to use pesticides correctly that causes after-effects such as food poisoning. The department explained that the correct use of pesticides in growing crops and vegetables would help produce a good yield of crops, improve their quality and protect humans against diseases.

The incorrect use of pesticides includes incorrect choice between a pest and pesticide, the use of pesticides more than necessary, unnecessary use of pesticides, use of unsafe or damaged spraying equipment, use of low quality pesticides, use of pesticides when the harvesting time gets close, reckless disposal of used pesticides and a lack of consideration about weather conditions, the department has warned. 

Yadanarpon Daily

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