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Monday, September 19, 2016

Myanmar to increase border fishery exports

Yangon September 19

Myanmar will make efforts to increase various fishery exports through the border next year, according to border trade stations.

“Fishery exports need huge capital. To produce high quality products that are acceptable to international market, we need hi-tech processing facilities and greater access to electricity, and without these two, fishery industry can’t develop,” said fishery product exporter U Tin Tun.

“The scarcity of raw materials (animal feed) is also a factor. Now, the weather is not good and the number of breeders has declined consequently,” he added.

The fishery industry is faced with scarcity of animal feed whose prices have resultantly increased over the past three years while the fish stocks have declined in Myanmar’s waters.

And Myanmar government has imposed a partial ban on fishing for three months from July to September in order to replenish fish population.

“The fishing season resumes in October and exporters have to apply for edibility certificates for the fishery exports at the Fisheries Department,” said fishery exporter U Min Naung of Myeik Trade Zone.

According to statistics of Myanmar Fisheries Federation, Myanmar has over 100 fishery product processing plants, only 14 of them are certified by the EU for export to the EU market. From August 27 to September 2, Myanmar exported over 2,500 tons of fishery products worth $-3.895 million through border trade zones in Myanmar- Thailand border.

Myanmar exported over 90 tons of various fishery products worth $-0.155 million through Myawady trade zone, over 600 tons worth $-0.559 million through Kawthoung border trade station, and over 2,000 tons worth $-3.181 million from Myeik trade station.

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