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Friday, August 19, 2016

Without hard work, success cannot be achieved, systematic exertion will lead to greater success

Nay Pyi Taw August 19

Since the establishment of the Defence Services Academy-DSA, the Tatmadaw has produced over 28,000 DSA-trained graduate officers. The DSA has also produced 609 MA degree holders, 1,629 MSc degree holders and 796 MCSc degree holders totaling 3,034. The institution has conferred doctorate degree on 186 officers. Likewise, Defence Services Technological Academy-DSTA brought out about 7,500 DSTA-trained graduate officers, 132 ME degree holders,and 41 PhD (Engineering) holders. Three got Doctor of Science abroad and another 10 are attending the course. This progress is much beneficial to the Standard Army building procedure and also helpful to the nation in the national political leadership, noted Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing during his meeting with officer instructors of PyinOoLwin Station at the Convocation Hall of DSA at the station this afternoon.

Also present were Joint Chief of the General Staff (Army, Navy and Air) Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Khin Aung Myint, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San, senior military officers of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army), Commander of Central Command Maj-Gen Win Bo Shein, DSA Commandant Maj-Gen Myint Maw, officer instructors of the station, and commanders of battalions and units.

In his address, the Senior General said the aim of the Tatmadaw is to build a standard army which needs efficiency and combat prowess and fighting ability. Combat prowess in reality is the training which is important for soldiers to use weapons and military hardware skillfully. Morale and technological knowledge is required to acquire combat prowess. It is very important to have skills and education in order to catch up with the armed forces from the international community. The Tatmadaw is helping soldiers and family members until they pass the matriculation. 

Moreover, those who have dropped out of school for various reasons are being trained so as to complete school education. Without training and literary education, any military will not be able to achieve its goal despite having capability. Instructors on their part need to provide correct training. It is also required to balance training and education. A lack of proper training may harm the Tatmadaw. Young officers trained by respective training schools must try to become qualified leaders. Discipline should be second nature to them. They also need to have high morality with military and academic calibres.

Leadership means being able to lead and take responsibility and accountability in shouldering one’s own duties.They must show happiness and praise their subordinates for achieving success. Job promotion depends on hard work and assessment. One will not make progress by carrying out the duty assigned only without exerting any extra effort. In the teaching field, the art of military must be taught from the basis. In so doing, instructors need to teach their trainees not just for completing the subjects they were taught, but for their deep understanding. They, like a guardian, 

must teach their trainees to be able to live up to good morality and discipline. The trainees must be taught so that they can use their own initiative without making a prompt decision in any duty assigned. The instructors need to teach their trainees in order that they avoid doing things with carelessness.

Then, the Senior General noted that the obedience of order and military discipline is the artery of the Tatmadaw. So, every Tatmadawman must have morale with obedience of order and good practice of military discipline. If they do not carry out their tasks in the battlefields under the field military discipline, they will face great loss and sacrifice. Therefore, instructors need to give trainings to the cadets in order not to take malpractices. With regard to the health, the Senior General urged them to receive correct medical checkups and take sports trainings. The Tatmadaw encourages the Tatmadawmen to take sports exercises with the organizational spirit, courage and bravery, and stamina. It needs to take practice of sports to have fitness of health. It is necessary to give trainings to enable the cadets to have practices on use of systematic thinking and ideas. The Senior General urged them to carry out the tasks with the determination to achieve victory.

In the morning, the Senior General and party supervised the Choice of Arms for cadets at Thiri Hall of the Defence Services Academy.

In the afternoon, the Senior General and party cordially had lunch together with cadets at the mess hall of the Anawarahta Battalion.

After that, the Senior General and party inspected the museum of the DSA. After hearing the clarifications by an official, the Senior General stressed the need to display booths with changes and development of images and documents in conformity with the current period and system in order to catch interest of the visitors.

The Myawady Daily

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