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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

56 samples of Myanmar coffee recognized as special ones

A female worker plucks coffee beans in a plantation.

Yangon June 28

A total of 56 samples of Myanmar coffee are recognized as special quality coffee at the second international coffee competition, according to the Winrock International.

“Sixty samples entered into the coffee competition which was jointly organized by the Myanmar Coffee Association and Winrock International (Value Chain). A USbased import company purchased 36 tonnes of coffee by paying the prices three times higher than local average prices,” the Winrock International said.

Daw Sabai Su Yin Nwe, senior private relation officer from the Winrock International said: “A total of 60 samples of coffee competed in this year’s event. The US has bought 36 tonnes of coffee. 

This is the first-ever recognition of coffee as special ones and coffee export to the US.”

The prize-awarding ceremony was held in Ywangan of Shan State on 21st June. Similar competitions will be held in coming years.

“The world coffee market shows interest in Myanmar coffee. Coffee quality has improved this year. Under the rural development value chain project, coffee quality will be promoted with the assistance of the USAID,” she added.

For rural area development, Winrock International is sharing knowledge with Myanmar coffee growers with the assistance of the USAID.

Myanmar grows coffee mainly in Pyinoolwin, Ywangan, Nawnghkio and Mogok. (443)

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