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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tatmadaw as a whole will always be loyal to and safeguard national cause

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing cordially greets cadets and trainee soldiers.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing viewes saddlebags made by trainees.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing has lunch together with trainees of computer diploma course

Nay Pyi Taw February 24

Reciting the four oaths every day, every single soldier must be loyal to himself, his unit/battalion, the Tatmadaw and the State while keeping them in the fore. Tatmadaw as a whole will always be loyal to and safeguard the national cause, declared Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing during his meeting with officer trainees of Bahtoo station at Officers Training School (Bahtoo).

Concerning the loyalty, the Senior General noted the word “the king must be a loyal servant, while his subjects must keep their promises”, recounting the historical events in which disloyal deeds led to the loss of independence as well as the loss of national leaders. Tatmadaw had to save the nation from disintegration resulting from treacherous armed struggle line during the early post-independence period, while making a lot of sacrifices. The result of this treacherous misconduct is the conflicts that the country still has to deal with till this day. History shows the generation of gross political confusion by the acts of disloyalty to the nation, the allegiance to foreign countries, and the betrayal to the Tatmadaw. The Constitution stipulates some provisions to prevent recursion of such political disorders.

Military training schools are conducting rank-wise courses such as battalion commanding officer course, company commander courses, platoon commander courses, and subject-wise courses including courses on military signalling, military engineering, farming and administration. Trainees must try hard to actually gain knowledge and technologies at such courses to do their job well in accord with their position and rank. Devotion is of vital importance in practical field, while duty consciousness is the most basic fundamental requirement.

Leader requirement is large and leadership ability is high as there is the chain of command in the troops. The leadership of military commanders must concentrate more on issues with greater importance. As children depend on their parents, so also their subordinates rely on them. In this regard, leaders must try to win the respect and trust of their soldiers by showing fatherly spirit alongside the commander spirit. Successful deeds may win the hearts and minds of their subordinates.

In accord with the policy of the Tatmadaw, they must make efforts for all Tatmadawmen and families to pursue a decent life. As the Tatmadaw on its part is providing soldiers with salary, allowances, uniforms, rations, accommodation, medicines and education to the most possible degree they on their part should have self-control. They with their own conviction must stay away from indulgence, unbalanced spending, smoking, drinking and betel nut chewing. The message from the commander-in-chief speaking from the parental point of view is that they must totally discard these bad habits.

Concerning sports promotion, Tatmadaw has five must-do sports events. Football and volleyball for enhancing team spirit and morale, boxing for showing courage, track and field for health, fitness and stamina, shooting as a supportive game for military operations and sharpshooting are being systematically Myanmar traditional martial arts such as Myanmar thaing and bando and banshay must be promoted as Tatmadaw’s self-defence art and honourable Myanmar sports.

The Senior General also met with cadets of OTS and trainees of other ranks and explained in detail the duties, missions and achievements of the Tatmadaw and duties of soldiers.

Its duties and missions are national defence involving the task of safeguarding Our Three Main National causes, protecting public life and property and serving the people’s interest. The history of Tatmadaw and the history of nation are indivisible and organized. Accordingly, Tatmadaw is maintaining these traditions by sacrificing lots of lives, blood and sweat. The strengthening of the people-chosen multiparty path is also the national duty of Tatmadaw.

In explaining politics and national cause, he said the scope of politics is enormous. Politicians and parties are conducting canvassing campaigns under their own policy. The national cause is the work of serving the interest of the nation and the people. Tatmadaw is just serving the national cause and the state affairs. History stands witness to the Tatmadaw’s leadership role in ensuring peace and stability, national unity and progress as national task in cooperation with the people. Continuous efforts should be made for further progress.

Talking about the end to armed conflict, the Senior General said without the rule of law, the country’s democratic system could not be strong. Most countries, including neighbouring and regional countries, are practising democracy in various ways. Among them, Myanmar, facing internal insurgencies, is doing as much as it could to implement the peace process in order to end the armed conflict. Moreover, efforts are being made with patience to ensure the rule of law. For the state, it could have built democratic foundations over the past five years. So for the next second five-year term, it is a must to ensure the rule of law and order, he added.

For the duties of Tatmadawmen, they must be soldiers of good discipline and morality. Discipline means dos and don’ts or rules and regulations enforced by relevant organizations. Rules and regulations mean procedures to follow. Law on its part is concerned with all and more emphatic. Rules and regulations are prescribed for the public and violators will face action. All must respect law as no one is above the law.Tatmadawmen from an armed organization must exactly follow rules and regulations, discipline and law. They must also take their responsibilities entrusted by their respective battalions and regiments. In performing duties, individuals need to improve their ability as well as team work and their organization as a whole. The Senior General also stressed the need to cultivate patriotism as a national duty.

He then talked about the Tatmadaw’s fulfilment of the needs for living conditions including rights and entitlements and education, health and social requirements so as to contribute towards the duties of military personnel. The Senior General said Tatmadawmen are being sent to training courses so that they can perform duties at the levels they are suited to, urging them to improve their calibre and cultivate patriotism and nationalism.

Also present on the occasion were Commander-in- Chief (Navy) Vice-Admiral Tin Aung San, senior military officers from the Commanderin- Chief (Army)’s Office, the Eastern Command Commander, officers from Bahtoo Station and course instructors, 972 trainee officers and cadets and other ranks from the OTS (Bahtoo) totalling 1,432.

After the meeting, the Senior General and party cordially greeted the trainee officers and other ranks.

At the office of the commanding officer, the Senior General and party heard a report by Director of Supply and Transport Maj-Gen Min Zaw on breeding of donkeys and horses at pack transport battalions and performance of duties by the staff. The Senior General left instructions on effective training and taming of horses and giving medical treatment for the sick and injured horses and feeding and taking care of older ones. He then fulfilled the requirements.

The Senior General and party inspected the breeding of horses and viewed the conducting of a training course for assistant veterinary surgeons and a course for making saddlebags. He urged the course instructors to give effective training for the trainees and spoke of the need for the trainees to work hard and produce good quality goods. The Senior General next viewed the saddlebags made by the trainees.

At the Bahtoo Station Defence Services Hospital in the afternoon, the Senior General and party comforted the patients individually and asked about disease outbreaks and condition of medical treatment. He then encouraged and presented gifts to the patients.

At the mess hall, the Senior General and party had lunch together with the trainees. He then inspected the vegetable plantation of the mess hall and gave instructions on reliance on natural fertilizers with limited  use of pesticides and sustainable growing of crops and vegetables to feed the trainees.

Later, the Senior General inspected the fitness centre, Judo stadium and sports ground and left necessary instructions.

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