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Friday, January 22, 2016

Summary of Rajāmaniculā Kaung Hmu Taw Pagoda Stone Inscription

A file photo shows Rajāmaniculā Kaung Hmu Taw Pagoda in Sagaing.

< Dr. Aung Tan Win (Oriental Studies) >

Sagaing City is situated between north latitude 21 degree 51 minute and 22 degree 13 minute and between east longitude 95 degree 36 minute and 96 degree 03 minute. It is on 228.09 feet above sea level. It is 12 miles far from Mandalay, about 72 miles from Monywa, about 54 miles from Shwebo, and about 12 miles from Tada-U.

Rajāmaniculā Kaung Hmu Taw Pagoda’s stone inscription is situated in a private cave at the northeast corner in the pagoda compound. It is the original and the documentary data of foundation of Rajāmaniculā Pagoda and records of donations offered by King Thalun (1633-1648 AD). Then the splendid consecrating the ornamental umbrella on the pagoda celebrated by King Pintale, son of King Thalun was also inscribed in it.

Ven. Tipitakalankara Taung Phi Lar, because of King Pintale’s apology, arranged and wrote these data and Mahaindagutta, his disciple inscribed them on the stone slab. It can be guessed in 1649 AD which was the finishing era of the ceremony of hoisting the umbrella atop the pagoda.

Rajakumarā inscription begins the Pali term ‘Jayatam’ which means ‘must be successful’ and then two wishing stanzas are inscribed. The Buddha enlightened at this Bhadda world, the noblest of all, and preached the sacred sermons for the sake of begin.

Then it denotes super high power and grand glory of Emperor Bayint Naung who was founder of Second Myanmar Emperor, the ruler of Hamsavati capital of Ramañña and the owner of royal white elephants. King of Sinhale (Sri Lanka), other bank of an ocean, offered respectfully Buddha’s alms-bowl and his daughter to King Bayint Naung.

King Thalun (1633-1648 AD) with the title of Sirisudhammarājā Mahādhipati was the grandson of Emperor Bayint Naung and son of Sihasura Mahadhammarājā, King Nyaung Yan (1600-1606 AD). He was royally consecrated both in Hamsavati and Innwa thrones and he erected the Rajamanicula Kaung Hmu Taw Pagoda. The inscription expresses that he dug in a stake at the place the pagoda was established on 29 August 1636.

Then he built the pagoda until 12 years but he passed away before hoisting the ornamental umbrella atop the pagoda. Then the inscription denotes his son King Pintale (1648-1661 AD) with the title of Sirinandadhammarajā pavaradhipati, succeeded to his father’s royal throne on 23 August 1648. Then the royal ceremony of the His Majesty to visit the hoisting of ornamental umbrella atop Kaung Hmu Taw Pagoda from Innwa to Sagaing was inscribed in details. The royal ceremony of the His Majesty to visit the religious ceremony in Nyaung Yan period was proudly recorded in this inscription. Ceremony of hoisting the ornamental umbrella atop the pagoda was held on 8 April 1649 and King Pintale celebrated this ceremony with splendor and greatness.

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