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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Our country’s democratization process has been opening up reforms in multiple sectors throughout its non-stop, high-rate evolution for more than four years from the start to this date, calling for both hard work and efficiency of the citizens who actually wish national progress through changes and democracy in a peaceful and stable atmosphere.

Our people want democracy as they believe the system will bring progress and prosperity our nation needs. Actually, democracy can be assumed the best political system human beings have ever invented in the service of mankind. But it also has advantages and disadvantages like all other things and systems of the planet. Besides, a system alone cannot ensure progress and prosperity of a nation or even a community. In fact, human beings are the key players as they are navigators in directing the course of mother country towards a better future while the system serves as a road-map.

Here people need proficiency, vision and wisdom both in navigation job and in map reading work to reach the aspired destination, or else they will get lost in the middle of the journey. So, high efficiency or high intellectual level, good judgment, morals and insight of the people is a must in building a true democratic state that guarantees peace, prosperity and progress everyone loves.

People need reasoning power to distinguish between right and wrong, efficiency to compete with international counterparts for national progress, ethics to stay away  from corruption and bribery the worst enemy of democracy, vision to stay united and forge national consolidation, experience to do the right job at the right time and knowledge to practice democracy correctly.

As democracy has its own pros and cons like all other systems of the world, people in a democratic society must have more than the given abilities as they themselves are the navigators finding the right path towards their aspired goal. 

Maung Than Weik

The Myawady Daily, Page(18)


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