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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gold foils on forehead of Mahamuni Buddha Image to be removed

Mandalay January 10

After gold foils on the forehead of the Mahamuni Buddha Image are removed in Mandalay, pilgrims will not be allowed to offer gold foils there anymore, according to the Mahamuni Pagoda Board of Trustees.

“According to experts and venerable Sayadaws (senior monks), there was no gold foils on the forehead of the image in the olden days and the image looked more sacred. However, excessive gold foiling on the forehead has made it uneven, so we will restore the image, and we have found ways to remove gold foils without harming the face of the image,” said U Soe Linn, chairperson of the pagoda board of trustees.

“Before the forehead is repaired, we will repair lighting and ventilation systems first. After that, we will repair the forehead,” he added.

Moreover, ornamental jewelleries decorated on the chest will be removed and will be reinstalled systematically, according to the pagoda board of trustees.

“Of jewelleries, female ornaments such as ring and bracelet will not be fixed again. The jewelleries with features such as having the weight of more than one tickle, being the mined gems and so on will be offered on the image,” they said.

“Previously, the chest of the Buddha was so reverent. I don’t mean it loses reverence at present. The decorations of ornaments are very complex. First, we have to plan to keep those jewelleries securely. After that, we will plan to repair it. At present, we inform the public about repair works via media,” added U Soe Linn.

The pagoda board of trustees told the media on 8 January that they will manage to control selling of foods by itinerant sellers in the vicinity of the pagoda and keep the slippers of pilgrims.

Also, there are plans to systematically place the parking spaces at the pagoda.

The Myawady Daily

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