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Monday, February 1, 2016

Goteik Viaduct crowded with flock of visitors

Local and foreign visitors take photo on railroad to Goteik Viaduct.

Nawnghkio February 1

Although the authorities ban visitors from passing over the famous Goteik Viaduct, both local and foreign visitors always crowd on the bridge, a spokesperson of Goteik Railway Station.

Located in Nawnghkio Township in Northern Shan State, approximately 100 km northeast of Mandalay, the Goteik Viaduct is the highest bridge in Myanmar and the largest railway trestle in the world when it was completed.

The Goteik Viaduct normally receives over 200 people per day. The number is increased up to 700 at significant days and weekends.

“In the past, around 500 visitors passed over the viaduct every day. Some visitors behaved unsafe manners on the bridge and broke the rules set by the authorities,” a local said.

“To protect the bridge from forest fire, we have already prepared a 4,000-gallon tank to put out the blaze on bridge,” an official said. Myanma Railways has a plan to operate small RBE from Goteik train station to the bridge at a reasonable price.

The authorities allowed people to visit the safe part of the viaduct where they are allowed to take documentary photos.

“The Goteik Viaduct needs to maintain wide parts of its bod,” a visitor expressed his view.

Visitors wish the authorities to put signboard or stone inscription to inform the visitors about the history of the bridge in both English and Myanmar languages.

The viaduct stretches 689 metres (2,260 ft) from end to end with 15 towers which span 12 metres (39 ft) along with a double tower 24 metres (79 ft) long. The 15 towers support 10 deck truss spans of 37 metres (121 ft) along with six plate girder spans 18 metres (59 ft) long and an approach span of 12 metres (39 ft).


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