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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Quality schooling fundamentally important for development of an individual, region, country

The Senior General cordially greets the attendees.

The Senior General donates books through State Chief Minister.

Nay Pyi Taw, October 6

Quality schooling is fundamentally required for development an individual, a region and a country and it is also important to have large numbers of intellectuals and good disciplines. Basic education schools instill good disciplines and it is said that national discipline originates from schools and the country is putting a special focus on education sector, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing as he addressed a ceremony to donate computers for universities and basic education schools and provide cash for regional development, at the state hall in Mawlamyine this morning.

Present on the occasion were Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, the wife of the Senior General, Mon State Chief Minister U Ohn Myint, Joint Chief of Staff (Army, Navy, Air) Commander-in- Chief (Air) General Khin Aung Myint, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Vice Admiral Tin Aung San, and senior military officers from Commanderin- Chief Office (Army), Commander of South East Command Brig-Gen Myo Win, members of Mon State government, departmental personnel, locals and wellwishers.

The state minister for security and border affairs explained progress of regional development works, education and health sectors of the state.

The Senior General said that he came to donate teaching aids for educational development of Mon State. He said stability is required for development of education sector and therefore collaborative efforts are being made to achieve peace for the Union. Nationwide ceasefire accord (NCA) will be signed with some ethnic armed groups on October 15. The Tatmadaw is committed to make the peace process a success and build durable peace. A country has three driving forces, namely political, economic and defence forces and everyone is more interested in economic driving force, he said. To improve economic driving force, there must be legal manufacturing and trade. The Tatmadaw is doing its best for its part to boost productivity and will continue to do so in the future, he said, urging the legal manufacturing in the state. He said modern technologies, expertise and intelligentsia are needed to enhance productivity and therefore focus has been placed on promotion of education. He said he believed that the collaborative efforts between students, teachers, parents and authorities will contribute a great deal to development of the state. He said health is also important to learn and to work and the Tatmadaw therefore is providing health care services in regions and states with mobile medical teams and is ready to help any state that needs help.

Regarding the political driving force, peace and stability is sine qua non for a country and the politicians need to act in disciplined manner. Everyone has the freedom of expression in line with law in a multi-party democracy system, but will have to face legal actions if they go beyond what laws permit, he said. It is important that people understand this fact so that it can contribute to peace and stability of the country, he added. The Tatmadaw is taking actions in line with its six peace principles to end ethnic armed conflicts and always keep the door open for peace talks. 

Regarding the defence sector, there are talks that the Tatmadaw is expanding its forces on the pretext of State defence and ethnic armed confl icts. But in reality, it is only trying to protect the life and property and serve the interests of people. Considering the country’s history of colonial rule, the Tatmadaw is just building up proper defence power for stability of the country and for people to earn a livelihood peacefully. The Tatmadaw is building up appropriate defence power for State defence so that it will not be looked down by big powers, said the Senior General.

The Senior General then handed over 10 computers and accessories, 3,000 dozens of note books donated by Tatmadaw families for universities and basic education schools in Mon State, as well as 30 million kyat for regional development.

Then Kanbawza Co, IGE Co, Golden Land Co, Gateways Group of Companies, Asia World Co, Eden Co, Kyel Nilar Group of Companies, Sky One & Lucky Man Co, Aung Myin Thu Co, Amazing Co, Nengtung Co, and Authentic Co donated a total of 140 million kyat and 140 sets of computers for the state.

The Senior General and his entourages then cordially greeted those present on the occasion

The Myawady Daily, Page(18)


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