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Monday, September 14, 2015

Will Indawgyi become another biosphere reserve?

Indawgyi Lake and Indangyi Pagoda.

Yangon, September 14

After the three ancient Pyu cities --Halin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra-- in the dry zone of the Ayeyawady River basin made their entry into World Heritage List in June last year, Inle the second largest freshwater lake of Myanmar in southern Shan State becomes the country’s first designated place of World Network of Biosphere Reserves in the same month this year.

Now, three institutions are collectively working for the classification of Indawgyi-Lake area as another biosphere reserve in the country.

Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry-MOECF, UNESCO Myanmar Program and Fauna and Flora International (FFI) will submit nomination file to UNESCO MAB secretariat with the request of acknowledging Indawgyi-Lake area as another biosphere reserve and developing it as a model region for sustainable development.

With its natural and cultural heritage, the lake, the largest inland waterbody of Myanmar has a lot of potential to become a biosphere reserve. The lake area in Mohnyin district, Kachin state is encircled by hills covered with fairly intact tropical forests, accommodating some endangered primate species and other mammals. Serving as a vital breeding, roosting and wintering ground for a large array of bird species and a home to common and rare aquatic animals including turtles the lake is fed by a number streams and bordered by annually flooded wetlands.

MOECF issued an order on 9 August last year proclaiming the establishment of Indawgyi wildlife sanctuary encompassing an area of over 300 square miles in Mohnyin district.

The ministry also stated that it would spare 10 percent of Myanmar’s land territory as natural reserves; and that currently it had established 39 natural conservation zones representing the ecological units covering 5.57 percent of the country’s total area. (Than)

The Myawady Daily, Page(18)


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