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Monday, April 27, 2015

" A simple and perfect exercise "

A simple and perfect exercise

= Maung Than Weik =

Normally, jogging is running slowly which is benefi cialespecially to older people as running for long hours may hurt their joints. Jogging, in fact, is an exercise whose benefits are far more than the financial cost.

Another advantage for senior citizens is that jogging needs lesser efforts when compared with running. It is really simple and most suitable for many especially the deskbound people. Regular jogging can make the heart stronger, control body weight, build stamina, decrease stress, and decelerate aging. Although it uses energy and needs efforts, jogging can make people feel physically  vigilant and can keep their spirit up in their daily work.

As muscles are using more oxygen while running slowly and steadily, jogging improves strength or endurance. Better endurance is attained when the lungs are able to take in more oxygen for the blood to pump.

Apart from keeping mental problems including anxiety, depression and stress at bay, jogging can also prevent dreadful syndromes as diabetes, hypertension and heart attack, and also obesity which actually is their source.

A comprehensive knowledge of jogging is that it has the power of significantly reducing stress and clearing worries.

As jogging or running relieves stress which is one of the causes of cancers, some research reports even say that it can prevent cancer risks mainly breast cancer.

Other cancer risks like lung cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer can also be reduced through jogging.

So, nothing in this world will be more beneficial for us than refreshing ourselves with a revitalizing jogging in the morning or evening.


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